The Hippie Watch

Jul 8
Must be Austin…

Must be Austin…

Oh dear :-/

Oh dear :-/

May 9

Hippes Love their Hula Hoops!

 and don’t like clothes.

May 6

Hippies of the “Down Under” Variety

Some hippies try to be trendy and mix cultures (as hippies tend to do) and bring annoyances from all over the world to their gatherings. This hippie is making sounds that resemble mighty flatulence.

May 5

Not even Hippies trust Hippies

Apparently some hippie was worried another hippie would try to steal their hula-hoops. Good thing for bike locks!

May 2

Further Proof of the Hippie Epidemic

As we learned from a previous post, children are at high risk. This breaking news, not even our beloved furry four-legged friends are safe.

Seen in this photo, is evidence of a poor, unsuspecting k-9 beast, that has been infected with Hippie. Sadly, there is no cure at this time, however our researchers are working diligently to find an antidote.

This madness must be stopped!
Knowing is half the battle. Help spread awareness. We will be providing Hippie Awareness ribbons soon.
May 2

Hippie Indoctrination

Always be wary when approaching groups of hippies, gathered in what is commonly called a drum circle. These are very dangerous events, and are often used as indoctrination meetings for children. For your safety, and the safety of your children,  if a drum circle appears near you, avoid it at all costs.
Unfortunately, as seen in this picture, there is a small child, who has already fallen prey to the hippie epidemic. This child is most likely already beyond the ability of being saved. Look at this picture. It could happen to your sweet, innocent, lederhosen clad darling. Beware.

Note to Hippies

Submitted to us by Jack.
We will find use for this surely :)

Hippie Art

Sometimes Hippie Art can be aesthetically pleasing, at least more so than the usual graffiti that is seen in urban desolation

Do you know what today is?

Happy birthday Hitler, ya old chum 420 DUDE!!!